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Extensive management for 3D-printing projects

Create projects to keep everything organized and tidy.

You can have projects for test and calibration prints, downloaded miniatures, or that one big idea you have been working on for the last two months.

Keep information structured: add tags, links, descriptions, slicer information, print quality checklist, and more.

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Great user experience provides many options, and you are free to choose the ones you like. Every input field is optional; save only information you think is useful.

You can meticulously document every project and print. Or save a couple of photos, to be able to recollect the ups and downs of your 3D-printing journey.

Capture and share

Add photos and videos to your projects and prints (we remove EXIF information from your photos and randomize file names for safe sharing).

Share galleries of projects and prints on social media. Ask for help, or show your next amazing project to the world.

Promote exclusive designs or just be proud of your exceptionally printed calibration cube.

Upload .gcode files to quicky create prints and prefill form data.

Mange your resources provides tools to record filament information, including type, color, buy date, and more.

Extra notes will help to remember printing temperatures and other filament-related slicer settings.

And all this is for free

Join and bring your 3D-printing experience to a new level.

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